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Getting Started

Access & Availability

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GrazeCart's subscription module is built from the ground up and completely integrated into your existing site. This means you can provide your customers with compelling subscription offers, without creating an inventory and fulfillment nightmare!

This article provides a high-level overview of the most critical elements you'll need to configure in order to get started.

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Enable the subscription module under: Apps / Subscriptions / Enable

Subscription Programs

The subscription module can be configured in two core different ways:

1 - Subscription Upsell

Under this method, you have the ability to provide your customers with an offer to subscribe to an order. The options for this offer are defined under the Subscription Incentives section below. Under this method, customers still have the option to opt out of subscriptions and place one-off orders.

2 - Subscription Required

 Under this option, you can set up subscriptions as the only purchasing option available to customers. Ideal for CSA or subscription-box-style programs. This is configured by disabling the One-time Purchases found under --> Admin, Apps, Subscriptions, General, One-time Purchases --> set to "No". 

Repeating Schedules

A repeating schedule is the core engine behind your subscription program. These schedules are different from the legacy Custom Schedules in the sense that they force a consistent delivery frequency (weekly, monthly, etc.). 

Customers will only be able to participate in your subscription program IF they are shopping under a delivery method (location/zone) that is assigned to a Repeating Schedule. 

Learn how to set up Repeating Schedules here!

Subscription Incentives (optional)

If you'd like to reward your subscriber customers, there are two primary ways you can do that. You can offer a subscribe & save discount, and/or include a promo/free item with each order.

Subscribe & Save Discount

This discount will provide the customer a percentage savings on each order based on what you determine. The savings is displayed on their cart when subscribe & save is selected and also at checkout, to help inspire a high adoption rate.


Promo/Free Item Promotion

You also have the ability to provide your customers with a free item with each subscription order. As seen in the image above, the value of this free item is also in the customer's cart and at checkout. 

For more info on subscription incentives, click here.

Inventory Timing

The inventory timing setting gives you the control to determine when you want the inventory to be consumed for subscription orders.

This setting also triggers your ongoing subscription confirmation emails and SMS notifications (if enabled).

Check out this article for more details on how inventory timing is configured.

Customer Communication

Subscription Portal

Once a customer subscribes to an order, they'll gain access to their subscription portal. This is where they'll go to get visibility on their next order, skip deliveries (if enabled), or cancel their subscription. 

Customers can add/remove items from their subscription order by shopping the store as normal.


View the full article on the Subscription Portal.


Email Notifications

With the subscription module, you have the ability to send segmented transactional emails to your subscription customers. These emails can also be equipped with merge tags, to communicate out-of-stock items, without your customers having to log into their portal.

Learn more about triggering subscription emails.

SMS Notifications

With the subscription platform, you can also enable global SMS text notifications to remind subscribers of upcoming orders. This allows you to stay proactive and help customers avoid any surprises.

Learn more about SMS notifications.

Display Messages

Finally, you can also add messages to your website in key places to communicate and sell your subscription program. For example, you have the ability to set up an HTML field at checkout which can be used to overcome objections and remind your customers why they should subscribe.

Full article on all onsight messaging fields.

Customer Subscription Opt-in Criteria: 
The following must be true for the subscription opt-in option to show to a customer shopping on your store:

  • Subscriptions have to be globally enabled 
  • Enrollment has to be open
  • Customer does not have an existing subscription
  • Delivery method schedule is recurring/repeating
  • Delivery method schedule has at least one re-order frequency
  • Cart has at least one subscription-eligible item (not all excluded products)



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