Repeating Schedules


Repeating schedules are the foundation of GrazeCart's subscription engine. They work in a similar manner to 'Custom' schedules, in that they determine your delivery dates and cut-off dates you want to apply to your zones/locations. However, Repeating schedules are different in the fact that they can only be set up in a way that ensures delivery days on a consistent frequency.


Your subscription program will only be available to customers who are currently shopping for a Delivery Zone, or Pickup Location that is assigned to a Repeating Schedule.

If you want your subscription program to be available for all customers, then you'll need to replace any existing Custom Schedules with Repeating Schedules. Click here for more info on Custom Schedules.

💻 Clickpath

Create Repeating Schedules under: Logistics > Schedules > Add Schedule



Delivery Frequency

Your delivery frequency determines how often you want to deliver to any zones/locations assigned to this schedule. This can currently only be set to the following options:

      • multiple days/week
      • weekly
      • bi-weekly
      • monthly
      • bi-monthly



Frequency Options

The Frequency Options correlate to the frequency options your potential subscription customers will have to choose from at checkout. See image below:



Activate Schedule

You'll need to activate your schedule in order to confirm your delivery cycle and generate dates. The activation step has two main steps.

First Delivery Date

The first step is to confirm your first delivery date, which will tell the system which day(s) of the week/month to generate your delivery dates on.

Order Cutoff

The 2nd step is to confirm your order cutoff, which determines when you want to stop accepting orders for the upcoming delivery date.

Ordering in Advanced

When your delivery frequency is set to multiple days/week, you'll be presented with a third setting called ordering in advance. This determines how many future delivery dates you want your customers to be able to select from at checkout.

Assigning Schedules

Just like custom schedules, the final step is to assign the appropriate Pickup Location(s) and/or Delivery Zone(s) to your new schedule. This will determine the delivery dates and cutoff times customers will see when shopping for those locations/zones.

💻 Clickpath

Assign locations/zones to schedules at: Logistics > Pickup Location / Delivery Zone > Schedule



Schedule Overrides

If you need to adjust your schedules, you can do so using Overrides. This feature is perfect for Holiday/seasonal adjustments. It's best to set up your overrides well in advance to reduce the number of orders impacted by the override. 



  1. Click the Overrides tab, and then select Add Override
  2. Use the Delivery Window dates to select the existing delivery dates you want the overrides to apply to.
  3. You can then use the Order Override section to set the new Deadline Date, and Delivery Date you want to use. 

*Helpful Tips* If customers place orders after the override is set up, they will see the updated 'Dates' while checking out. However, for customers that had already placed their order before the override was set, it will show in the 'Impacted Orders' tab.

Once orders are in the 'Impacted Orders' section, you will be able to review/update these accordingly which will remove them from the list of impacted orders.  



Making Changes

It's important to note that repeating schedules cannot be changed once activated. This is done to ensure that ongoing subscription orders always stay in sync with the schedule.

In the event that a schedule change is absolutely required, you will need to replace the current schedule with a new one.

However, even once that new schedule is assigned to the appropriate locations/zones, any existing subscription orders will still be generated according to the original schedule. If you want to change the schedule of those existing subscriptions, you will need to do so manually under each customer's settings page.

⚠️ Warning

When swapping out repeating schedules for subscriptions, it's important to understand many changes are occurring in the background due to the complexity of the subscription module. If any issues arise upon swapping out a schedule, please reach out to for assistance. 


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