Adding delivery zones (Shipping)

Delivery zones make it easy to provide home delivery or shipping options for your customers. A zone works very similar to a pickup location, except instead of having a street address, zones are defined by states or zip codes.


A customer's zip code will be used to determine if they are located within a delivery zone and qualify for home delivery.

  1. From the Logistics menu select Pickup Locations
  2. Click "Add Delivery Zone"
  3. A dialog will appear asking from the zone name and the state or zip codes that make up the zone.


Defining delivery zones

Your delivery zones can either be defined by a one or more states, or by a series of zip codes. Only one zone can be defined per state or zip code. So for example: you could have one zone for the entire state of Indiana, and another zone for a subset of Indiana zip codes. But you can not have more than one zone for the same state or zip code.

State vs. Zip Code

Zip code will always take precedence over state in the case that you have two zones setup, one for the state and one based on zip codes, and a customer enters a zip code that would match both. This is useful if you want to have one zone for customers in a major city, and a different zone for anyone else in that state.

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