Customizing Email Templates

Each email that is sent from GrazeCart will use a template to control its content and appearance.

You can manage email templates under My Site / Email Templates.

By default there are pre-made templates for all the standard emails that are sent from GrazeCart. You are free to leave theme as they are, but you will probably want to customize theme to add your logo and branding.

Customizing email templates


Template are built using content blocks. You can drag-and-drop content blocks to easily customize the look and layout of your emails.

The template designer is divided into two sections. On the left is the settings panel and on the right is the email preview.

The settings panel is where you can access your content blocks, the template settings, and individual content block settings. The email preview consists of all the content blocks you have added to your template.

Adding content blocks

To add a content block, drag-and-drop them onto your email preview area on the right. You can also click on a block and it will be added to the bottom of the email preview area.

Arrange content blocks by dragging them to change their order.
Click on an existing content block to edit it.

Email template settings

Access the template's settings by clicking the "Design" tab. Here you can edit the font and background color of the template, as well as the email subject and template name.

Email subject

This will be the default subject sent with this email notification.

From name

This is the name of who is sending the email. If left blank this will default to your farm name.

Tracking email link clicks

Under the Deign tab you can enable link tracking. This will apply Google UTM parameters to all the links in the email template. UTM parameters are just special attributes appended to a url that help Google Analytics track data on link clicks. A good use for this is to see how much traffic is coming to your site from your Order Deadline reminders emails.

This will require having a Google analytics account that is linked to your GrazeCart site.

Campaign name

This is the general name of the email type. For example you might put "Order Confirmation" or "Order Deadline."

Campaign content

This is the more specific name for this particular email template, and is useful if you have different variations of the same template. For example: "Bacon Sale."

You will use a combination of Campaign name and content to organize and filter analytics of your email links in Google Analytics. See Google's documentation to learn more.

Note: This is only for tracking link performance and not email open rates.

Previewing emails

To preview your email you can either view them in the browser or send a test email to your inbox. When sending a test email, enter the email addresses of all the recipients separated with a comma. GrazeCart will automatically insert dummy data for any merge tags, allowing you to see what your email will look like to your customers.

Location specific email templates

You can override the default templates on a per-location basis. This way you can have a unique email template for a particular pickup location, or have different templates for your pickups and delivery zones. This setting can be found under each location's Settings tab.





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