Pricing groups

Pricing groups allow you to have different pricing for a product based on the customer ordering the product or locations they are ordering for. 

Check this video out for a deep dive on pricing groups:

Add a new 'Pricing Group'

  1. Go to Settings / Pricing Groups.
  2. Click "Add Pricing Group" and enter the title of the new group. For example: Wholesale.

Assign 'Pricing Group' to a product

  1. Go to the Pricing & Weight tab of the product.
  2. Under the "Other Pricing" panel click "Add Price"
  3. Select the Pricing Group from the drop down menu.
  4. Enter the Regular price and Sale price.

Assign 'Pricing Group' to a location

  1. Go to 'Logistics' and select the pickup location or delivery zone you want assigned to your pricing group
  2. Find the 'Pricing Group' field in settings, and select the pricing group you want assigned to customers using this location

How does the pricing group get used?

Each customer and pickup location has a setting for pricing group. By default this is the retail price, but you can set it to use a pricing group instead. When a customer is viewing the store and they have a pricing group assigned, or they are shopping for a pickup location with a pricing group assigned, they will see the prices in that pricing group for that product. If no pricing group is assigned to a product they will see the retail price instead.

Let say for example you have a wholesale customer that you want to offer wholesale pricing, you would create a pricing group called Wholesale, then for each product that has wholesale price you would assign this pricing group and provide the regular and sale wholesale price. Whenever this customer orders those products they will see the wholesale price.

Each product can have an unlimited number of pricing groups in addition to its retail price group.

Pricing Group Hierarchy
By default, all products will use the retail price. A different pricing group can take precedence based on the pickup location or customer. Pricing groups will be applied in this order: Customer > Location > Retail.

Customer Based Pricing
A pricing group can be set for individual customers. This is useful if you want to offer wholesale pricing to certain customers. The pricing group assigned to a customer will take precedence over any pricing group assigned to the location they are shopping for.

Location Based Pricing
Individual pickup-location / delivery-zones can also be assigned a pricing group, so any customer shopping for that location/zone will see the pricing set in that group for each product. A good use-case for this would be to offer different pricing for your shipping vs. your pickup locations.

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