Subscription Incentives


In this article, you will learn about the optional incentives you can enable in order to boost your subscription conversion/retention rates.

Order Discount

The Subscribe and Save Incentive is the percentage you want your customers to save on orders when they join your subscription service. The savings will automatically apply to their order when they toggle on your subscription programs.

This discount is also quantified at checkout, to help boost conversions and it will perpetually apply to each order unless you make changes to the % savings later on.


Included Product (Optional)

The optional free item is perpetual and will be included on every subscription order. The customer can choose one at checkout. 

How It Works:

Free items are just like any other product in your system and will need properly configured before you add it to your 'Free Item Incentives' list. For example, let's say you want to add your Pork Bacon product as a free item. To do this, you will want to duplicate the current Pork Bacon item in your system, and configure the product settings as follows:

  • Price: Set to $0.00 to ensure customers are not charged for the item.
  • Visibility: Set to 'Hidden' so that this item cannot be found in your online store.
  • Inventory: If you still want to track inventory on the original Pork Bacon product, you will need to configure this item to share inventory. Read this article if you're not familiar with inventory sharing.

Once your free items have been created, you can add them to the 'Free Item Promotion' list in your subscription settings.


Default Item

The default free item will add to the customer's cart/order as soon as they select toggle on your subscription program. The customer can still choose to swap the default item with another free item on your list when they arrive at checkout.

Ongoing Changes

⚠️ Warning

Due to the perpetual nature of subscription programs, we strongly discourage making changes to your incentive structure unless absolutely necessary. Contact support for help navigating changes.

Changing the Subscribe & Save Incentive

Changing your percentage savings will instantly change the savings amount on all subscription orders. For this reason, we highly recommend clearly communicating the change ahead of time to all subscription customers.

Changing the Free Item List

You can make changes to the Free Item Promotion at any time. Changes here will only apply to new orders or new updates customers make to the free item. This means that removing an item from your free item list, will not remove it from any existing subscription orders. This allows you to make changes to new customers, without having to disappoint existing customers.


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