Shared inventory (Bundles)

It is possible for a product to share the inventory of another product. This is useful for creating multi-pack bundles.

For example: you have a Ground Beef product and you want to start selling a 25 Pack ofGround Beef Bundle. Instead of maintaining a separate inventory, the 25 Pack ofGround Beef could share the inventory of the singleGround Beef product. This way if there are not enough of the singleGround Beef product in stock (lets say there is only 24 in stock) then theGround Beef Bundle would show as out of stock. Likewise, any time a customer purchases aGround Beef Bundle it will deduct 25 from the singleGround Beef product.



How to enable Shared Inventory

  1. Edit the product that will be sharing inventory with another existing product or products.
  2. Under the Inventory tab enable the "Bundle of Products" option. Save your progress.
  3. Under "Track Inventory" select "Track Inventory on Bundled Items".
  4. Click on the "Bundle" tab. (This will only show up after completing step 2)
  5. Click "Add product" and search for the product you want to share inventory with.
  6. Enter the total amount of inventory that should be deducted in the "Quantity" field and click "Add Product"

Repeat step 5-6 for all the products you want to share inventory with.

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