Customer Subscription Portal


The subscription portal is the go-to page for customers using the subscription service.  The portal is where customers can check details on their order, add/remove items, skip orders, change their free item, cancel their subscription service, and more!! 

🖥️ Clickpath

Customers can Access the Subscription Portal on The Front End of the Site Here: My Account > Subscribe & Save

Order Skipping 

The details section of the subscription portal is where customers can see their delivery date, deadline date, re-order frequency, and order skipping options. Order skipping allows the customer to skip their next subscription order. Once an order is skipped, it is then moved to the cancellation status and any inventory items that were confirmed will be moved back into inventory.  This can be used for cases where a customer may be out of town or doesn't have enough freezer space for their next order. 

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Free Items + Adding Items

On the right side of the page, the customer will have access to their current shopping cart. They can make updates to their free item by clicking the 'Change' button where a pop-up will appear with different free items to choose from. The customer will also be able to add items to their cart by choosing the 'Add Items to Subscription' button. When doing this, it will take the customer back to the store to add items.


Changes can only be made as long as the customer is within the correct deadline


In-Transit Banner 

The In-Transit banner is a red notification banner that informs their next order is in transit. When this banner appears, the order cannot be altered as it may be in transit.  



With a few clicks, the customer can cancel their subscription order at the bottom of the page. This will stop all future subscription orders and revert them back to one-time ordering. 


Cancelling the subscription will also cancel any open orders that are not past the deadline!   



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