Paperless Packing Manager




This Packing Manager gives you access to a mobile version of your packing list, to make your packing experience more convenient.


Where to access this feature:

Apps > Packing Manager > Request Access


Once inside your Packing Manager, select the schedule you want to see. After selecting your schedule, you’ll choose from all the pickup locations/delivery zones associated with that schedule.


After choosing your schedule and your pickup location/delivery zone, you’ll see all the orders associated with your selections.


Use-Cases & Benefits:

From the order screen, you can perform multiple functions, including:

    • Print invoices, packing lists, packing labels, and shipping labels

    • Filter your orders by ‘Packing Group’, ‘Packed Status’, and/or ‘Tags’

    • Check off orders as you pack

    • Pull up orders to adjust your weights

    • Pull up orders to process (click here to learn more about Order Processing in GrazeCart)  

Pricing & Access

  • Price: $25.00/mo
  • Access: accounts can receive access to this premium module by contacting our team - 


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