Processing orders

Most farms will break up order fulfillment into two stages: Packing the order and Processing the order. In this context processing an order means making any final adjustments in GrazeCart and sending the packed email notification to the customer. Below is an overview of a common order processing flow:

  1. Change status to packed.
  2. Mark who packed the order.
  3. Update weights.
  4. Add the number of boxes the order consists of.
  5. Charge the customer's credit card or mark the order as paid.
  6. Send the Order Packed notification.

Of course, this is just a suggested processing flow. You might find a different method that works better for your farm.

Order process button

Save time by enabling the Process Button to perform these tasks with a single click. Go to Settings / Orders to enable the Process Button and select which tasks to trigger.

Adjusting Item Weights

Any order items that are priced by weight will have an editable weight field. You can quickly tab through these items one by one to update the weight and the order's total will automatically be re-calculated and saved.


Adding Items to an Order

Click the "Add Item" button located near the top right of the "Items" panel.
Search for the product you want to add, enter a quantity, and click "Add Item".
The order's total will automatically be re-calculated and inventory will be adjusted accordingly.


Editing Items on an Order

You can edit an existing item's price, weight, name, and quantity. Just click the "Edit" button next to the item and a popup window will appear.

Estimate weight from quantity

Use this option when adjusting the quantity of items priced my weight. If selected then the item's weight will be calculated based on the average weight multiplied by the quantity you enter.

Order Discounts

You can apply a discount to an entire order using the order's Discount field.


Applying Coupons to an Order

Click the "Add Coupon" button located near the top right of the "Coupons" panel.
Enter the code of the coupon code you want to add and hit "Add Coupon"
The order's total will automatically be re-calculated and saved.


Charging an Order

You can charge an order from the order edit screen following these steps:

  1. While editing an order click the Charge Card button from the Payment Panel.
  2. A dialog will appear asking to confirm the charge. Click Charge to confirm.
  3. The payment will be processed using the customer's saved card.
  4. If the payment is successful the order will be marked as paid.



If the card is declined an email will automatically be sent to the customer alerting them. You must wait 1 minute before attempting to charge their card again.

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