POS Troubleshooting

POS Troubleshooting Guide

Device compatibility and a solid internet connection are ideal for a good set-up for your POS module and Card reader to function correctly. If you are having trouble with your POS module along with Stripe Card Reader, here are some troubleshooting steps to follow. 

Step 1:  Ensure your card reader has the most recent update. 

  • Swipe left for the settings drawer

  • Click “Settings”, and enter the Admin PIN (07139)

  • Click “Diagnostics” and check “Firmware” and “Config version”. 

Step 2: Ensure the device you are using with your card reader is compatible

  • We recommend trying multiple devices to know which device is most reliable alongside your Stripe Card Reader. 

Step 3: Ensure both devices are connected to the same router. 

Step 4: Add Cloudflare servers in your Stripe Card Reader

  1. Go to network settings
  2. Locate DNS settings
  3. Choose custom DNS
  4. Add both the Cloudflare DNS servers shown here  ( and 
  5. Save settings
  6. Validate DNS resolution shows “Passed”

Step 5: Check the Diagnostics within your Stripe Reader

  1. Go to the admin menu on the Stripe Card Reader
  2. Go to the “diagnostics” option
  3. Open the menu and check all connection statuses, ensure they are all either “connected” or “Passed”, specifically,  the “DNS resolution” diagnostic needs to show passed.
  4. To inspect any errors within your browser, right-click anywhere on the page-> choose the “inspect” menu -> then navigate to the console tab. Video for reference here - https://www.loom.com/share/29e702ff2b464505a9e11a0ad7a34187 
  5. Once, that is open, refresh the page, and attempt to connect to the terminal device again. Multiple error messages may show in the console tab when the connection fails. If errors do appear, please send screen-recording/screenshots to support@grazecart.com to troubleshoot further. 

Additional Tips: Upon testing, ensure the total is above $0.50 as this is required for a successful transaction. 

If you have a defective BBPOS/WISEPOS-E Stripe Reader please reach out to Stripe support for a replacement. 

Stripe Support 

In your Stripe Account, you can find access to Stripe support by selecting the Help option shown here - https://grazecart.d.pr/pnMnZm Select Share Feedback > Contact Stripe Support. 

BBPOS-WISEPOS-E Set-up (Stripe Documentation) 


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