Optimizing POS Checkout

Below is a detailed list of our recommendations to optimize your POS experience for speed 🏎️ and reliability. Some items in this list require purchasing additional hardware & services, but those are well worthwhile to save you time, and minimize those 'oh crap' moments.


1 - Product Search

For anyone somewhat proficient on a keyboard, the product search will undoubtedly be the fastest way to find & add items. This is especially true for merchants with hundreds of SKUs. 


2 - Hot Keys

There are two hotkeys that are critical to learn for those following tip #1:

  / Opens the product search-bar
  enter (or return) Will perform the primary CTA on pop-ups like [Continue]


3 - Wireless Keyboard

A physical keyboard is highly recommended for anyone running POS on a tablet size device as the touch-keyboards will obstruct too much screen space. Something like this would do fine.


4 - Backup Internet Source

The WisePOS E reader runs on any Wi-Fi connection. No matter where your transaction location may be, it's HIGHLY recommended that you put prep work into establishing a backup Wi-Fi source that's ready to use. A wireless cell phone hotspot or travel Wi-Fi solution are good options.

NOTE: Whatever backup source you choose, you'll want to make sure you have the connection saved in your WisePOS E reader that way you can quickly change internet sources on the fly.


5 - Backup Card Reader

For payment processing, redundancy is a must to save you in those oh-crap moments when things just aren't working right. Something like Square's Magstripe Reader would suffice. It's easy and free, so it's silly not to take this precaution.

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