POS Setup

GrazeCart's POS integrates with the WisePOS E from BBPOS card reader, which is administered from your Stripe account. In this article, you'll learn where to purchase your card reader(s) and how to set up GrazeCart's Express POS software.


1 - Stripe Terminal

GrazeCart's POS module is set up for payment processing through Stripe which is where you'll need to purchase your card reader. To do so, you'll need to login to your Stripe Dashboard, and activate your Stripe Terminal account.


Once activated, you can then click the [Shop] button to purchase your BBPOS WisePOS E reader.

For a retail store setting, we also recommend purchasing the E Dock for all-day USB C charging, & rubber feet for stable countertop usage.


2 - Connecting to GrazeCart

  1. Power up your WisePOS E and connect to the same stable Wi-Fi connection you're using to access GrazeCart. You can access the settings by swiping right on the screen. Your card reader may ask you for a universal admin pin code which is (07139). Also, ensure your reader has the latest update installed.  
  2. Once connected, your card reader screen will display a hyphenated code.
  3. Login to your GrazeCart admin dashboard and open 'Reader' section under the Express POS module (clickpath -> Apps -> Express POS -> Readers).
  4. Click 'Add Reader' and enter the code displayed on the reader screen from step 2.


The POS will indicate if the reader connected successfully. If so, you're all set to begin accepting card transactions.


3 - Set Location

You can customize which location your POS orders are assigned to under the [Settings] section. We recommend creating locations for each market or retail store that you're using POS in order to help with sales reporting. By default, POS will use your business location if you skip this step.



4 - Collections & Products

Your collections and products will import automatically, so there's zero setups required here.

Collections - Your collections menu will be listed on the left-hand side. This menu is exactly the same as your 'Store Menu' in your menu editor settings. This is where you'll go to customize the menu sort order or to add/remove collections.

Products - Your products list will automatically import and display any item that has NOT been deleted. Use the search bar in your POS header to quickly find an item, or use the / hotkey. 

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