Subscription Management


This article overviews the management features available to you for managing subscription orders, inventory consumption, and customer accounts.

Order Generation

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Configure Order Generation at: Settings > Apps > Subscriptions > Workflow

The Order Generation setting is tied to the Order Deadline of your schedule which enables you to globally control when orders are generated with one simple setting.

When the Order Generation event occurs, this will trigger the following:

  1. Subscription orders will be generated in the "New" order status.
  2. Inventory will be consumed and short and/or out-of-stock items will be removed.
  3. The customer will receive an order confirmation email / SMS message.

To learn more about the confirmation notification, and how out-of-stock items are communicated, review this article.

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Best Practice: In general, we recommend an Order Generate date of 3-4 days prior to the deadline as this will provide an adequate amount of lead time for customers to make any desired changes to their order.

The system will not allow an entry of 7+ days as this will cause a conflict where some customers could have multiple open orders at once.

Updating the 'Order Generation' date will not take place on the current order cycle.

Example: If a customer is set to a frequency of 'Monthly', the order will still generate on the original order generation date selected. It is not until after this order cycle that the updated generation date will apply. 

Subscription Management

Under the 'Subscriptions' link your main navigation will have the ability to view, manage, and update all of your active subscription accounts. 

The video below provides a full demonstration on how to:

  • Filter subscriptions by product & delivery methods.
  • View/edit each customer's upcoming subscription schedule.
  • Update delivery frequency.
  • View/edit items on the subscriptions.

Subscription Orders

Once subscription orders generate, they will automatically populate in your 'New' order status. From there, you can filter for subscription orders (or non-subscription orders) on by selecting the 'Order Type' filter. From here you can manage/export these orders as normal.


Subscription Error Tags

When subscription orders are confirmed by the Inventory Timing event, the system will assign error tags to indicate a problem with the order. Below is a full list of error tags in the system and what they mean:

  • Inventory Error: Indicates that an item on the subscription order was either out-of-stock, or short stock. You can review which item(s) on the order's details page.
  • Address Error: Indicates that the postal code on the order no longer matches the Delivery Zone the order is assigned to.
  • Minimum Error: Indicates that the order value is below the required order minimum.
  • Product Error: Indicates that the order includes a product(s) that are excluded from the location/delivery zone the order is assigned to.



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