Inventory Management


The inventory management setting enables you to have control over when ongoing subscription orders generate in your system. As orders generate, this setting will also determine when inventory will be consumed, (hence the name, Inventory Timing). The setting is configured to be set up a set number of days before each schedule's order deadline.

💻 Clickpath

Configure Inventory Management at: Settings > Marketplace > Subscribe & Save > Workflow

When the inventory timing event occurs, the subscription order will be confirmed and added to your 'New' order status. This will also consume inventory for the items on the order, as well as trigger the Re-Order Confirmation email/SMS.

To learn more about the confirmation notification, and how out-of-stock items are communicated, review this article.


Subscription Order Cycle

To help illustrate where the inventory timing event falls into the subscription process (as well as its importance), below is a list of all key events that are part of GrazeCart's subscription engine.

1. New subscription confirmed

This even occurs at checkout when a customer places their first subscription order. At this point, inventory is reserved as normal, and the system will issue your 'Subscription Welcome Email'.

2. Order deadline closes

As soon as the order deadline closes on the first subscription order, the customer will no longer be able to make any changes to that order. At that same point in time, the system will generate the customer's 2nd subscription order which they can begin making changes to. This next order will not reserve any inventory until the inventory timing event.

3. Inventory timing

This is the point at which the customer's 2nd subscription order will confirm, reserve inventory, and place tags on orders that have inventory errors and minimum errors. As subscription orders are confirmed, they will begin to appear in the 'New' order status. It's important to note that even when the order is confirmed, customers will still have until the order deadline to make any final changes. 

4. Rinse and repeat

From here, steps 2 & 3 are repeated unless the customer skips, or cancels their subscription.



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