Order reports

Generating reports from the order index

Your order index page is primarily used for managing orders throughout the fulfillment process; however, because of the advanced filtering capabilities of this page, it can also be used to generate helpful reports on your orders, which can also be exported as CSV files for further analysis.

Filtering order data

Timestamp of use-cases highlighted in the video

  • 1:19 - Delivery manifest report
  • 2:30 - First time customer report
  • 3:27 - Segmenting by SKU / product ordered
  • 4:39 - Unpaid / collections report
  • 5:14 - Fulfillment accuracy report
  • 6:40 - Exporting reports into CSV files

🖥️ CLICKPATH = admin / orders / new / filter orders

Saving order filters

If there are certain order filters you commonly use for reporting, you can save them by clicking the "Save" button on the top-right corning of the order list.



Exporting order data

Your order reports/data can easily be exported via CSV files, which can then be analyzed using your favorite spreadsheet tool, such as Excel or Google Sheets. 

CSV exports of orders

The primary order export format includes the most crucial info required for each order. This format is most efficient for analyzing or importing orders into 3rd party tools (such as routing software), when product info is not required. 

🖥️ CLICKPATH = admin / orders / new / filter orders



CSV exports that include items ordered

This format is most helpful when the product info is required and is commonly used for importing into accounting software.

🖥️ CLICKPATH = admin / orders / new / export






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