Product Upseller



Where to access this feature:

Apps > Product Upseller > Request Access


Keep your store looking clean and easier to navigate with this Product Upseller tool. The Product Variants feature allows you to house products of the same type together so you can offer a variety of product quantities, sizes, styles, and/or flavors on one page using a dropdown menu to display your variants. 


After enabling this feature, you’ll see a new 'Product Variants' setting on your product editor page. There, you can add items to your variants menu. Check out the video below for a walk-through of the setup process:  



Use-Cases & Benefits:

  • Show all your product's sizes, quantities, and flavors in one easy-to-shop screen 
  • Upsell to your customers by showing them how much they can save with a bundle
  • Keep your store from getting cluttered with products


Pricing & Access

  • Price: $25.00/mo
  • Access: accounts can receive access to this premium module by contacting our team - 



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