Lead Converter


The Lead Converter tool lets you customize your registration experience so you can tailor your user experience and convert visitors to your site into actual buyers.  

🖥️ Clickpath

Admin >Settings > Marketplace > Lead Converter

Once enabled, you’ll see customization options for:

  • Registration Page #1: designed for new visitors
  • Registration Page #2: designed for visitors who have shopped around and are ready to create an account
  • Lead Generation Page: designed for visitors who aren’t in your delivery/pick-up range
  • Login Page: designed for returning visitors

Check out the video below to see examples of the customizations offered through the Lead Converter:



Use-Cases & Benefits:

  • Tailor your registration experience to best fit your new, returning, and potential customers 
  • Gain contacts from customers and potential customers for better email marketing outreach

Pricing & Access

  • Price: $49.00/mo
  • Access: GrazeCart.io accounts can receive access to this premium module by contacting our team - support@grazecart.com 

Check out how Seven Sons uses the Lead Converter on their website: sevensons.net

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