Free delivery calculator

This feature enables you to increase your average order size by displaying the customer's progress toward your free delivery offer. It's super simple to enable and is a sure way to increase your online revenue. Note, this feature may not be available on certain legacy plans, so contact our support team if you are interested in gaining access to this feature.

Steps to Enable:

1. Navigate to your 'Fees' section on the Delivery Zone(s) and/or Pickup Location(s):

Clickpath = Admin / Logistics / zone or pickup locatoin of choice / fees


2. Once on the 'Fees' tab, scroll down to the section titled 'Free-Shipping Calculator' and click 'Yes'.



3.) Ensure that you have your free delivery threshold set up properly. See Free-Delivery article for further instructions on that process.


Once you have followed these steps, you will see the calculator displayed on the shopping-cart slider, for any carts that are shopping for the delivery method.







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