Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content is a unique feature that allows you to either hide or show content on your website based on whether a customer is signed in or not.

For instance, you may not want your recurring customers to see the testimonials on your homepage, since they already know your value. Instead, you might want customers to see a simpler view of your site. The Login Status Dynamic Content feature would allow you to only show testimonials to users when they are not signed in. This allows you to target your customers’ interests and give them more of what they want to see.


Step 1: Enter the backend of your GrazeCart site

Step 2: Select My Site in the dropdown select Pages

Step 3: Select New Page or select an existing page

Step 4: At the bottom of the page select Add Widget or select an Existing Widget

Step 5: Select Visibility in the widget’s settings

Step 6: Select between Only show when signed in or Only show when not signed in

Step 7: Select Done

This feature is accessible in any of the widgets available to you in the GrazeCart page builder!

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