Testimonies Widget

The Testimonies Widget is a great resource for being able to express what your customers are saying about your business.



Step 1: Enter the backend of your GrazeCart site and select My Site

Step 2: Select Pages from the dropdown menu

Step 3: Select the specific page you want to add the Testimonies Widget to

Step 4: Select Add Widget 

Step 5: Under Elements select Testimonies

Step 6: The widget will appear and you will have four options: Testimonials, Appearance, Heading, Visibility 

Step 7: Under Appearance you have the option to edit and modify the look of your testimonials to match your brand. You have several options Widget Background Color, Text Color, Link Color, Testimonial Background Color, Testimonial Text Color. You also have options for Padding which will allow you to add space in your widget layout

Step 8: Under Heading you can either choose to show or hide the header. If you choose to show the Heading you have the option to edit what that Heading Text will say

Step 9: Under Visibility you have some options for who sees your Testimonials you can choose between Signed In or Not Signed In. The goal being to really target your audience


Create and Edit Testimonial

Step 1: Under Testimonials select Add Testimonial

Step 2: Select the title for the Testimonial you want to edit

Step 3: You have three options Testimonial, Attribution, Profile Photo 

Step 4: Under Testimonial put the review your customer has given

Step 5: Under Attribution put the name or identifier for the review

Step 6: You can add a Profile Photo for your customer to give that personal touch



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