Setting up collections in GrazeCart

This video serves as part three of a series of videos covering the customization options you have available for tailoring the design and experience for the shopping cart section of GrazeCart. The first two videos we did on vendor profiles and setting up protocol descriptions.

What are Collections?

Collections are categories that your customers can shop by to filter different products that you have in your offering. Collections are listed by default on the left hand side of your store site. You can categorize your products however you want and then customers can filter by them in the store. You can also add a collection header photo and or footer descriptions at the bottom of the page, which helps represent what that particular category offers.


How to Setup Collections:

Step 1: Login to your GrazeCart account.

Step 2: Select: Products > Collections > New Collection

  • Name your collection and be sure to keep the box below checked in order for it to save to your site.

Step 3: Give your product a description

Step 4: Give your product a footer description (optional)

Step 5: Give your product a custom URL (optional)

Step 6: Choose if this page is visible in your search engine (Google, etc.)

Step 7: Add a cover photo - This will appear on the header of your site for this product  (optional)

Step 8: Choose which products belong in this collection

Step 9: Choose how to sort/layout your products on your site

Additional Notes:

  1. You can also assign products to your collections by following the next steps:
  • Select: Products
  • Search your desired product in the search bar
  •  Add to collection on right hand side of page
  1. Managing the Collections Menu
  • Select “My Site” on the top of your GrazeCart screen
  • Select Menu Editor > Store Menu
  • Add any desired default, custom, or collection pages on the left hand side of your screen
  • To learn more - See our Collections Menu video! :)
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