Lesson 1: Designing Your Website

Launch GrazeCart in 14-Days

Creating a new website & shopping-cart is a lot of work, even if this is something you've done before. There's no way around that.

However, we want to do our part to make launching with GrazeCart as easy as possible; which is why we created this 14-Day Launch Guide!

If you set aside a few hours each day to implement on this training, you WILL have a professional and completely functional eCommerce system that your customers can experience the benefit of, in just 14 days.

Several tips & things you will need to make the most of this guide:

      • Find 2-3 websites to use for inspiration
      • Download a photo-editing tool (our recommendations)
      • Watch each lesson in chronological order (1 through 10)


📚 Lesson 1 Tutorial

You have a number of options when customizing the look of your GrazeCart site. You can add your own branding by uploading your logo, changing the colors, fonts, layout of your header, and more.

🖥️ Clickpath

To edit your Site Theme go to My Site > Theme


🚫 Common Design Mistakes to Avoid

Short Verison:

      • Ensure your logo is a PNG file with a transparent background
      • Limit yourself to only 3 different colors when designing your site
      • Use high-contrast colors


📋 Implementation To-Do List:

      1. Find 2-3 professional sites to use as design inspiration
      2. Download a photo editing software (our recommendations)
      3. Design your website Theme in GrazeCart by following the tutorial video above



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