Bonus Lesson: Grand Opening Promotion


With our final bonus lesson, we share suggestions for launching your website with a limited-time promotion to help create some initial excitement and ROI with your new platform!


What you will learn:

  • How to use GrazeCart's coupon generator
  • How to put an item on-sale
  • How to use the announcement banner


📚 Lesson 2 Tutorial

Coupon Generator

To create coupons, go to –– Products / Coupons / New Coupon


Using the Announcement Bar

To manage the announcement bar, go to –– My Site / Theme / Header / Show Announcement Bar


📋 Implementation To-Do List

To-Do List:

  1. Choose your promotion parameters (coupon or item sale, promo period, etc.).
  2. Create a promo page
  3. Enable announcement bar
  4. Promote the promotion with at least three email touch-points:
    • Email 1: Announce new website & promo
    • Email 2: Promo reminder
    • Email 3: Last-chance reminder




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