Sales Tax

Making a Product Taxable

By default, any product you create in GrazeCart is not charged tax. You can control whether a product is taxed on a per-product basis. This setting can be found under each product's Settings tab. This setting determines whether a product is taxed or not, it is not where you determine the tax rate.

🖥️ CLICKPATH =Admin / Products / (Choose Product) / Settings



Tax Rate for Locations and Delivery Zones

The tax rate is set to the default of 0% for each of your pickup locations and delivery zones. Each location and zone can have its own tax rate. Any taxable product will be charged that tax rate when ordered for that location. This is useful if you have pickup locations or zones in multiple states.

🖥️ CLICKPATH =Admin / Logistics / Pickup Location or Delivery Zone / Settings



Tax Dollar Amount / Order Summary

Once you've set up your products as taxable and indicated the tax rate percentage for each pickup location, the tax will be automatically calculated as part of the totals within the order summary. At checkout, customers will be able to see the tax dollar amount within their order summary. 



Sales Tax Reporting

Sales tax data can be found in the Reports under both the Delivery Sales, and Income Analysis reports. On the Delivery Sales report, you'll want to export a CSV file which will display the tax you've collected for each of your Pickup Locations and Delivery Zones.

🖥️ CLICKPATH =Admin / Reports / Location Sales 


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