Lesson 4: Store Navigation

Lesson 4 Introduction

In this section, we'll show you what shopping filters you have available to help visitors easily shop your online store and find what they're looking for.


📚 Lesson 4 Tutorials

Adding Vendors

**To add or manage Vendors, go to –– Products / Vendors / Create Vendor


Adding Protocols

**To add or manage Protocols, go to –– Products / Protocols / Add Protocol


Adding Collections

**To add or manage Collections, go to –– Products / Collections / New Collection


Product Tags

**To add or manage Product Tags, go to –– Products / select product of choice / Tags


📋 Implementation & Best Practices

To-Do List:

  1. Create Product Collections
  2. Create Product Tags
  3. Create Vendors (optional)
  4. Create Protocols (optional)


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