Setting up your protocols

Protocols can provide another filtering option for your customers when navigating your store. You have the option to show a menu in your store of all your protocols. This is enabled by default but can be disabled from the Store Settings.

A list of protocols that are assigned to a product will also be displayed on that product's details page, allowing your customers to easily see what protocols were used. Clicking on a protocol will take your customer to a detailed description of that protocol.



Protocols - What are they?

  • Standards you farm abides by
  • Sets you apart from other farms

Examples of differentiation:

  • 100% grass-fed beef
  • Non-GMO feed supplements
  • Pastured eggs
  • Never administered hormones or antibiotics

 Customer View-Front End

The customer can click on any product while shopping your site to learn more about it. The protocols are on the bottom right that have been assigned to this specific product. These are  links that will direct you to a description page of protocols and their meanings. In this page, you can select “view products” and customers can shop all products that have this specific protocol in common.

Setting up Protocols

Follow these steps to set-up protocols your farm practices as you are signed in under “Admin”:

  1. Select Products -> Scroll to Protocols
  2. “Add Protocol” will be on the right hand side
  3. Name the protocol
  4. Write a description of the protocol. You will be taken to an editing page where you can make further revisions and embed pictures and videos
  5. Save your changes and the protocol is made

How to Assign Protocols

  1. Products -> Select product and it will take you to a new page
  2. Select Protocols -> Check the boxes of which protocol that applies to the item
  3. Save all changes made

Shop by Filtered Category

This is just another awesome feature customers are able to shop through an even more filtered option. You can add “Shop by Protocol” on the left hand side of your site by following these steps:

  1. Select “Settings” on the main collection of tabs
  2. Select Store
  3. Scroll down to “show protocols” and switch the enable button to “on”
  4. Save all changes


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