Setting up sub-collections in GrazeCart

Setting up sub-collections is an advanced feature that helps you control and style your website. Though this feature is optional, it serves as a great way to add further customization to your store. 
With sub-collections you can:

  1. Upload banner photos to your site
  2. Name and description
  3. Include headers and footers to give further information about your product(s)
  4. Target keywords to help with SEO
  5. Tag your products



Tags are displayed under your main collection tab and allows you to filter down your collections further. Tags carry over collections such as any footer, category, and or header photos and descriptions you may have.

Sub collections allow you to customize your header photo/description as well as your footer description when filtering by individual tags.


How to Setup Sub Collections

  • Go to the backend of GrazeCart
  • Click: Products > sub-collections > new sub-collection
  • Fill in field prompts: Name, parent collection, tag, and create

Customizing Headers/Footers/Photos

Once you have created your sub-collection, you have the option to customize a header and footer for this product. The header description will display on the top of the page and the footer will display at the bottom of the page.


You can add a cover photo to your website by clicking on the “add cover photo” link. This photo will display at the top of your website page on this particular product along with any header you provide if you choose to do so.

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