Email Templates

Email Overview

There are a verity of email notifications that GrazeCart will send to your customers. Most of the email notifications sent will contain dynamic content, meaning that the information in the email will be personalized for each individual customer that the email is sent to. Dynamic content is handled through merge tags.

Some emails will be sent automatically, like when a customer places an order or creates a new account. Other emails can be sent manually by an admin, like when an order is packed and ready for pick-up.


Configuring Your Email

By default the email address that is used when sending emails from GrazeCart will be the email you used when your first signed-up. To change this follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings / Email & Notifications
  2. Enter the email address that you want all emails sent from GrazeCart to come from
  3. Enter the email address you want all contact form emails sent to.


NOTE: You should avoid using a generic email address like your personal yahoo email. Instead, you should consider getting an email address at your own domain. This will help your emails get delivered better.

Below is an overview of email templates in GrazeCart.

Closing Remark:

GrazeCart is a great tool to handle your transactional related emails, but it is not recommended that you use GrazeCart as your newsletter or email marketing service.

GrazeCart can integrate with email marketing applications such as MailChimp or Drip which are much more equipped for growing and engaging with email list than our service.



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