The ‘Pre-Order’ feature allows you to assign a pickup location to a particular product. Then, you can control when that product can be ordered and what emails get sent based on that pickup location.


Here’s how to set up pre-orders: 



Setting up your schedule

Step 1: Enter the backend of your GrazeCart site

Step 2: Select Logistics in the dropdown select Schedules

Step 3: Select Add Schedule

Step 4: Set up the parameters of your schedule and make it logical for your pre-order


Setting up your location

Step 1: Enter the backend of your GrazeCart site

Step 2: Select Logistics in the dropdown select Pickup Locations

Step 3: Under Pickup Locations select Add Pickup Location

Step 4: Setup the parameters of your location including special email preferences for this location notifying them of how their pre-order will work

Step 5: Select the specific Schedule you have created for this location


Setting up your product

Step 1: Enter the backend of your GrazeCart site

Step 2: Select Products in the dropdown select All Products

Step 3: Choose the product you want to be Pre-Order or create a product from scratch

Step 4: Once you have selected a product, under the Settings tab, scroll to the Pre-Order Only field at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: Select the dropdown beside Pre-Order Only and choose your designated location


Here's how it will appear to customers:

On the frontend of your site, your customers will see a button called 'Pre-Order' where the ‘Add to Cart’ button would normally be.


Once the pre-order product is selected, the customer will be directed to a special checkout page. Depending on how you have set up the schedule, it will also give the customer options for choosing a date.  

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