Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It allows you to track where your customers are going wihtin your site & where to focus marketing efforts. 



Step 1: Create or log into your Google Analytics account here:

Step 2: Select Admin

Step 3: Select Data Streams 


Step 4:
Click on Add Stream and select Web from the dropdown menu 

Step 5: Enter the URL to your GrazeCart site in the Website URL field

Step 6: Enter the name of your business or website into the Stream Name field


Step 7: Click Create Stream

Step 8: Once you do this, you'll automatically be taken to your new stream's details page. You'll see something called the Analytics Measurement ID in the right corner. Copy that ID number. 

Step 9: Then, log into your GrazeCart admin account and go to 'Apps'

Step 10: Select Google Analytics from your Settings menu

Step 11: Click the Enabled option

Step 12: Once you select Enabled, you'll see more options. In the field Google Analytics Measurement ID, paste your Measurement ID code that you copied from your Google Analytics account

Step 13: Hit Save, and that's it!


Google Resources:

Google Analytics Support Center

Where to find my Measurement ID (formerly known as Tracking ID)?




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