Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics will help you to track where people are going on your site and where you should focus your marketing efforts.



Google Analytics Setup


Step 1: Create or log into your Google Analytics account here:

Step 2: Select Admin

Step 3: Select Data Streams 

Step 4: Click on Add Stream and select Web from the dropdown menu 

Step 5: Enter the URL to your GrazeCart site in the Website URL field

Step 6: Enter the name of your business or website into the Stream Name field

Step 7: Click Create Stream

Step 8: Once you do this, you'll automatically be taken to your new stream's details page. You'll see something call a Measurement ID in the right corner. Copy that ID number. 

Step 9: Then, log into your GrazeCart admin account and go to Settings

Step 10: Select Google Analytics from your Settings menu

Step 11: Click the Enabled option

Step 12: Once you select Enabled, you'll see more options. In the field Google Analytics Measurement ID, paste your Measurement ID code that you copied from your Google Analytics account

Step 13: Hit Save, and that's it!


Google Resources:

Google Analytics Support Center

Where to find my Measurement ID (formerly known as Tracking ID)?




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