Disqus Integration

Disqus is a platform that allows you to collect customer comments on your blog posts.


By default, GrazeCart is set up to display the Facebook comment platform on its blog pages. However, Disqus can be activated if you want to offer more expansive engagement options for your blog viewers.


Here is how to install Disqus:



Step 1: Create a Disqus account and establish the Shortname for your site (see video above for more in-depth instructions on this step).

Step 2: Go to the backend of your GrazeCart site and go to Settings. 

Step 3: Once you are in Settings, go to Blog.

Step 4: Go to ‘Comment Provider’. By default, this will be set to Facebook.

Step 5: Select Disqus as your Comment Provider and click Save.

Step 6: After you click save, a new selection will appear, asking for your Disqus Website Shortname. Enter the Shortname you previously established in Step 1. You can find this Shortname by going to https://disqus.com/ > Admin in the top right corner > Settings in the top menu bar > There will be an option labeled Shortname this will have your unique short name.


You have officially completed your integration and now a Disqus comment window will appear at the bottom of your blog posts. To modify how that comment window looks, follow the steps given by Disqus in their tutorials about their platform.





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