Creating a "Mini-Store"

The ‘Mini Story Widget’ (now known as the Product Feed widget) is a highly versatile tool intended for users of GrazeCart who want to provide their customers with exclusive products. 

Step 1: Go to the ‘Add Widget’ button and select it

Step 2: Under ‘Live Widgets’ select the ‘Product Feed' widget.

Step 3: Once you select the widget, there will be four options ‘Settings’, ‘Appearance’, ‘Heading’, and ‘Visibility’

Step 4: Modify or remove the ‘Heading’ depending on your use case

Step 5: Modify the colors on the page to either brand the page specifically or to match your current brand by going to the ‘Appearance’

Step 6: Setup whether a customer has to be ‘Signed In’ to see the store by going to ‘Visibility’

Step 7: In ‘Settings’, select your ‘Product Source’. This is any ‘Collection’ of products you have created.

Step 8: Also in ‘Settings’, you can set up different ‘Layout’ features and text modifications.

Step 9: Set up more exclusivity in ‘Settings’ by allowing ‘Hidden Items’ or by requiring a login.


There are so many different ways to use this widget. Let your imagination run free. Here’s an example of a mini-store used by Seven Sons Farms:

This page went out in an email targeted to a specific audience to promote sales of Seven Sons’s limited-time products.

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