Pickup Proposals

Pickup proposals make it easy to aggregate leads for potential new pickup locations. Any visitor to your site that is interested in starting a new pickup location can fill out a form with all the details you will need. Your visitors can access this form via the Pickup Locations page. A link is located in the top right of the locations map.

Viewing Proposals

When viewing pickup proposals you have two views: List view and Map view. Both of these views provide easy access to relevant information like name and phone number. You can also filter proposals based on various criteria like their rating.


Clicking on the name of a proposal will take you to the details page. Here you can see all the information about a particular proposal, including the applicant's notes. You can also make any updates to the proposal, such as changing the status, rating, or adding your own notes.


You can assign a star rating to your proposals from 1 to 5. When an applicant fills out the form the more information they provide will increase their initial star rating. This gives you a quick way to filter the more serious candidates from the less serious.

Map View

The map view will group proposals by proximity when zoomed out. Clicking on a group will zoom into that section revealing more detail.

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