Gift cards

Adding gift cards

You can add a gift card from Products / Gift Cards

Set the amount the gift card is worth and give it the title that will show up in the store. A gift card will behave just like any other product. When a gift card is purchased a unique redemption code will be generated. This code can then be used by anyone to redeem the gift card for store credit.

Issuing gift cards

How gift cards are delivered to the customer is entirely up to you. You can see the gift card’s redemption code from the order edit screen. You can copy and paste this code to print it out on a physical card or send it in an email to the customer. Because of the various ways customers can pay for an order, we leave it up to you to decide when the customer will receive the redemption code.

There is one exception: if an order is marked as paid then a customer will be able to see the redemption code in their order history.

Ordering multiple gift cards

If a customer purchases a gift card but enters a quantity of more than one the card will only have one redemption code. This just means that same code can be redeemed multiple times. So if your customer orders four $25 Gift Cards then that code can be redeemed four times for a total of $100. The code can also be used by four different customers.

Viewing gift cards

You can see a list of issued gift cards under the “Issued Certificates” tab when editing a Gift Card product. From this list you can easily see all the cards that have been issued and whether they have been redeemed.

Editing issued gift cards

You can edit an issued gift card from the order edit screen. You can change the quantity, title, or amount. You can only edit an issued gift card if it has not been redeemed.

Redeeming gift cards

Your customers can redeem their gift cards by going to their account menu and selecting “Redeem Gift Card”. They will be presented with a place to enter their redemption code. When they enter their code the dollar amount of the gift card will be added to their account as store credit and automatically be applied to their cart.

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