Abandoned cart campaign with Drip

Most research shows that cart abandonment on typical e-commerce sites is over 75%. That's a lot of potential revenue your farm could be missing out on. Even if you could recover just 10% of that back it would be huge.

GrazeCart integrates with the email marketing automation platform Drip to provide abandoned cart recovery emails. These emails get sent automatically to your customers after they start their cart but don't complete checkout.

Connect your Drip account

If you haven't already, you'll need to signup for a Drip account, and integrate that with your GrazeCart store. You can follow this detailed migration/integration guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to get started. 

Install the Abandoned Cart Workflow

We've done some of the heavy-lifting and created a basic workflow for you for use specifically with the combination of 1) HTML/Text email editor and 2) our custom Drip-GrazeCart Integration. Click here to install. You will just want to make your changes to personalize the email that is sent, and any other adjustments you see fit.

As an alternative, you can install this Drip created Abandoned Cart Workflow that utilizes Visual email builder + the Orders API.

Activate the Workflow

Once you are happy with the email and the overall workflow, you can activate it from being a draft to a live workflow. Now any customers that start shopping and never complete checkout will be sent a recovery email.

So how does this workflow... work?

Our friend Chad Graue is a Drip and email marking expert and he was kind enough to put this video together. It explains in detail how this all works.


Drip is incredibly powerful and this workflow only scratches the surface of that it can do. To learn more about Drip we highly recommend reading through their documentation. You can also find plenty of free video resources on YouTube.

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