Customer email notifications

There are a verity of email notifications that GrazeCart will send to your customers. Most of the email notifications sent will contain dynamic content, meaning that the information in the email will be personalized for each individual customer that the email is sent to. Dynamic content is handled through merge tags.

Some emails will be sent automatically, like when a customer places an order or creates a new account. Other emails can be sent manually by an admin, like when an order is packed and ready for pick-up.

 Listed below are the different email notifications that can be sent to your customers:

Order Confirmation
Automatically sent to the customer after they check-out with their order.

Order Packed
Manually sent to the customer after you have finished packing their order. You can send this in bulk from the order index, or individually from each order edit screen.

Order Cancellation
Automatically sent to the customer after they cancel their order or you cancel it for them.

Card Declined
Automatically sent to the customer in the event their credit card is declined.

New Customer Welcome
Automatically sent to the customer after they create an account.

Custom Message
Manually sent to customers from either an individual order or the order index screen. This email is ideal for quickly composing emails in emergency situations, like when you are going to be late to a pickup location.

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