Page Builder

In this article, we'll review the primary things you need to know in order to start adding custom pages to your website. It's important to note that the page builder only includes the body section of your website. Click the following to learn about how to customize your header, menu, or footer.

🖥️ Clickpath

Start adding pages at: My Site -> Pages -> New Page


Page widgets are pre-styled content sections that act as building blocks to design your page with. Each serves a specific purpose and gives you the ability to customize them to your brand without writing any front-end code.


💡 Custom HTML & CSS

Keep in mind that pages designs can still be fully customized with HTML, CSS, and some scripts usint the HTML widget.


The Layout section is used to determine the chronological sort order that each content section appears in. When two half-column widgets are next to each other, they will sort left to right.



The preview screen gives you a live look at how the site appears. Here you can click on any section, which will take to directly to that widget's settings page for quick editing.

Settings & SEO

This section includes more advanced settings for adding embeddable scripts as well as adding custom SEO metadata, such as Page Title, Description, URL, and more.


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