Using your own CSS

If you are comfortable using CSS then you can write your own to style almost any aspect of your theme. This gives you with a finer level of editing than the Theme Editor provides.

  1. From the Theme editor click to Custom CSS tab
  2. Enter your CSS then hit the "Save CSS" button near the bottom.
  3. Preview your changes and once you are satisfied hit the "Save" button at the top.

Warning! - GrazeCart reserves the option to make changes to the theme at anytime without warning. It is possible any customization you have made outside what is provided with the Theme Editor could break when updates are made to the theme.

Because of this, we highly recommend keeping your custom CSS to a minimum and only target exact class names when you can and avoid targeting HTML elements. This helps keep your CSS less coupled to the HTML structure.  By only using class names you can greatly limit this risk.

Most theme elements will have a unique CSS class, and every page content block will have a unique ID. These are what you should use to target specific page elements with your own CSS.

Tip: You can use Chrome DevTools to easily see what ID or classes belong to any page element.

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