Manual orders

You can create manual orders in your GrazeCart admin for any customer in your system. This is commonly used when taking orders over phone/email, or invoicing wholesale clients.


  1. Find the customer you need to create the manual order for by searching for the account under the 'People' page.
    • 🖥️ CLICKPATH = admin / people
  2. Once you've selected the customer's account, click "Create Order" from the Actions menu.


A dialog will popup asking for the Deadline Date, Pickup Date, Payment Method, and Sales Channel for the new order.


Once you are done adding items to the order you will need to confirm it.


Confirming an Order for a Customer

After you've created an order for a customer and finished adding the items and weights, you will then need to confirm the order. To confirm an order start by clicking the "Confirm Order" button from the toolbar on the order edit screen. 


This will open the Confirm Order dialog. From there you can edit the name and contact information of the order, as well as the payment method, pickup location, and sales channel. You can also select whether to send the order confirmation email to the customer.



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