Order fees

Fees can be added to an order both manually from the order manager and automatically when the order is placed. You can view, edit, and remove fees from the order manager.

There are two types of order fees: Delivery Fees and Fixed Fees


Delivery Fees

An order's delivery fee is automatically calculated based on the weight of the order and the delivery fee rate. The delivery rate that is applied will depend on the pickup location or delivery zone the order is being placed for. To get started, all delivery fee settings will need to be set up for each of your pickup locations and delivery zones.

The delivery rate can either be per pound or a flat rate. You can also cap the total delivery fee based on the order's total. This allows you to offer promotions like free delivery for orders of a certain value.


Fixed Fees

You can manually add as many fixed fees as you want when editing an order.

  1. Click the "Add Fee" button located near the top right of the fees panel.
  2. Enter the name of the fee, the quantity, and the total fee amount.



Offering free delivery



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