Viewing & editing orders

The order index screen is where you will manage and view all the orders your customer's place. From this screen, you can filter your orders, print packing lists, export to excel, bulk update status, and much more.


Clicking the order number of an individual order will open the order manager, where you can edit that individual order. From the order manager, you can add items to the order, edit the individual weights, charge the customer's card, and much more. 

Watch the video below for a detailed overview of managing your orders.


Deleting orders within GrazeCart will remove all traces of that order & data from reporting, inventory, credits, and more.  Once an order is deleted there is no way to recover the data, you should only choose this option if you want no trace of the order. It is best practice to cancel orders when choosing between the two, as canceling orders keeps all data in GrazeCart.


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