Payouts Report

The Payouts Report is your go-to report for all things payment processing-related as a Rain Payments client. Please note: This report will only appear in your Reports list if you use Rain Payments for your processing. There are two ways to group this report which change how the report can be viewed. In the top right-hand corner, you’ll see a ‘Group By’ dropdown which lets you select the Payout Date (default) or the Transaction Date. Changing this allows you to view the report based on when the funds were deposited or when the transactions originally occurred- depending on your need.

  • NOTE: Data on this report will only show after the batch has automatically closed, meaning transactions you process today will not show up until the following business day (unless that day is a banking holiday, or the funds are delayed for some reason).


This report is broken out into three sections; The Search/Filter area where you define the timeframe and group view; the Summaries which provide high-level views of the data; and the deposit or transaction data which is a more granular view.

You can also use the Search bar to find specific transactions or deposits. If you chose to view the report by ‘Transaction Date’ then you’ll notice another filter appear for Location. This allows you to view the transaction data by location.

  • NOTE: The date filter is currently limited to 30 days. If you need view longer periods of time at once, please contact our support team.

This report can also be exported or printed if needed. The summary views at the top will not be included but all the data broken out below is available, including the totals.


Summary Views

This section provides you with a high-level summary view of your processing data. In the first section, you can view the total processed amount and transaction count for that date range. The next section focused on the fees and refunds. You can see a breakout of those in the section below. The Payouts section shows what was deposited and what is currently in the process of being paid out.

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Payout Date Grouping

This grouping allows you to view your data on a deposit-level. Often this is most used by accountants and business owners for regular reconciliation. It shows the deposit date, the payout ID, the account the funds were paid to, the status (Completed, Pending, or Failed), the breakdown of the totals.

  • NOTE: This will not always match with your EOD totals since deposits can span multiple days. If you want to reconcile the EOD report with this report, you’ll need to change the Grouping to Transaction View.

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Transaction Date Grouping

This grouping allows you to view data on a daily level instead of the deposit date. Here, you can find the Transaction Date, Transaction Count, Method, Status, Deposit Date, and the breakdown of the totals. Clicking the arrow on the left will show further detail on a per-transaction level with each one being clickable.

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