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GrazeCart allows you give your customers the ability to opt-in to marketing SMS powered by Drip. This integration gives you a compliant way to significantly increase your SMS opt-in rates, vs relying solely on traditional pop-up forms. 

⚠️ Drip has paused their SMS program

Drip SMS program is temporarily unavailable for new users. For more info and to get notified, click here. 

Getting Started

You will need a Drip accounted integrated with GrazeCart to start opting-in SMS users. If you haven't completed that step already, you can learn more here.

Opt-In Locations:

You can collect SMS opt-ins at three different points in the user-journey in order to maximize SMS adoption:

After Registration - Shows a SMS opt-in option after a user has successfully registered their account.

During Checkout - Shows a SMS opt-in option underneath the phone number field during checkout.

Order Confirmation - Shows a SMS opt-in option on the order confirmation page shown after a customer places an order

You can customize the messaging and CTA for each opt-in location using the display messages provided.

When a user opts-in to SMS, each of the above entry points will no longer request their opt-in again in order to avoid redundancy. 

Legal Consent


This article is not legal advice, is not a contract, and does not create any legal rights or obligations. There is no substitute for obtaining your own legal advice. You should not make decisions about engaging with customers through text message marketing without first obtaining the advice of your legal counsel regarding the laws and compliance obligations applicable to your marketing practices and the places you operate.

GrazeCart provides a field called 'Legal SMS Consent Message'. This enables you to provide the appropriate legal notice to stay compliant with SMS consent laws and regulations. 

We recommend starting with Drip's compliance guide for more information regarding SMS regulations.

Events & Custom Fields

When one of your users opts-into SMS marketing, GrazeCart will send the following events and custom fields to your Drip account.

GrazeCart Action Drip Event
Subscriber opts into SMS with GrazeCart integration at Registration, Checkout, or Confirmation Triggers [Subscribed to SMS Marketing] event

Custom Fields:

The event above will also automatically update the subscribers record with the following custom field:

  • “sms_marketing_status”

It's important to note that it’s recommended to create a rule that updates ths field to “Unsubscribed” when the Opted out of SMS event triggers. That will allow you to search the custom field of sms_marketing_status for Subscribed users.

Suggested Use Cases for SMS Marketing

  • Send a regular (i.e., weekly) SMS campaign like you do email newsletter
    • Share content, promotion details, order deadlines, etc
  • Include in your cart abandonment, new account, or other workflows to capture more sales
  • Consider enabling Drip-GrazeCart integration options for list building at the Registration, Checkout, or Confirmation pages.
  • Consider utilizing a Drip Form and Welcome SMS Campaign using drip templates
  • Consider a dedication content page (i.e., yourwebsite.com/sms) to drive even more sign-ups

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