Income Analysis

The income analysis is a quick report to help you track your net revenue by product-enterprise categories. 


Income Analysis is commonly used to create routine journal entries within your accounting software (e.g. Quickbooks, etc) to track net revenue by product categories, and sales channel.

Accounting Class ID

Product revenue is summarized based on the Accounting Class ID field. This is a plain-text field that will summarize exact matches into rows on the report. 

  • This field can be found at > Products > select product of choice > Settings > Accounting Class ID

Any products that do not have the Accounting Class ID assigned, will display on the report as null.


Any fields that offset revenue within orders are also included in order to create a Net-Income total. Below is a definition of each deduction:

  • Discounts = Any discount amounts manually added to orders under the order-view. 
  • Credits = Customer credits applied to orders. Credits also include Gift Certificates since these are transferred to customer credit once redeemed.
  • Coupons = The dollar value of any coupons assigned to orders.
  • Sales tax = Any tax applied.
  • Subscription savings = The value of your 'Subscribe & Save' discount.


Deductions from your payment gateway, such as process fees, refunds, or chargebacks are not reflected within this report.


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