Products Overview

Last updated 16 Feb 2018
Adding Products

GrazeCart gives you the unique ability to price your products by weight or per package. This preference is controlled by each product so you have complete flexibility on how each item is charged.

The price that is displayed to the customer on the store will be an estimated price based on the average weight. During the checkout process, your customers will be informed that their total is only an estimate and that they will receive their final total once the order is packed. You are free to customize this message under Settings / Display Messages.

When adding a product you will be asked to provide a title, price and weight:

  • Title: This is the name of the product that will be show to your customers in the store, as well as on any reports.
  • Pricing Unit: This determines whether the product is priced by the pound or package. Products priced by weight can have their weight adjusted later when packing the order. 
  • Price: Depending on what you select for Pricing Unit, this will either be the price for a single package or the price per pound.
  • Weight: If the product is priced by the pound then this would be the average weight of a single product. If priced by package then put the weight of the package. An accurate weight is important for pricing per pound items, as well as showing total weight sold on reports.

How price per pound is displayed

If a product is priced by the pound the price displayed in your online store will be the average weight multiplied by the price. For example: if you have a Delmonico Steak product that is priced by the pound and the price field is set to 10.00 and the weight field is 0.5. The price in the store will be $5.00.

Deleting Products

Deleting a product is not permanent. You can restore a deleted product at a later time if you wish.

Deleted products are hidden from the Product Sales report by default, but you can choose to include them if you wish. Just select "Include Deleted Products" from the filter panel.

Quickly Edit Products

You can quickly edit various product properties such as inventory from the product index screen. This saves you time from having to go to each product individually.

From the product index screen the rightmost column is the quick edit column. Each applicable product will have an input field where the selected value can be updated. Clicking on the gear icon will display a list of the different properties you can edit.


Excluding Products From a Location

It is possible to exclude a product from being available at certain locations. Under a product's "Settings" tab you will find the "Exclusivity" option. Here you can select which pickup locations the product should NOT be available for. Any customer browsing the store with that pickup location set will not be able to see the product and will not be able to check out if the product is in their cart.