Last updated 19 Mar 2018
Schedules Overview

Schedules and pickup locations go hand-in-hand. Think of a schedule as like a delivery route, where each schedule can have multiple pickup locations associated with it. If you have different regions where there are clusters of pickup locations then these might all be on the same schedule, where another region might be on a different schedule. 

Schedules will also be used to control when your customers can order. You will set up a series of dates for each schedule so your customers will only be able to order if there is an open order window for that location at the time they attempt to place their order.

Adding a Schedule
  1. From the Logistics menu select Schedules
  2. Click "Add Schedule" and enter the name of the new schedule

Once your schedule is made you will want to add dates. Each date will be comprised of actually 3 different dates: the pickup date, the order start date, and the order end date.

    Adding Dates
    1. Click on "Add Dates"
    2. Enter a pickup date and select a date range for your order window

    Order Deadline Cutoff Time

    Control the time of day ordering is cutoff from Settings / Store / Order Deadline Cut-Off Time.

    By default the cutoff time will be Midnight of the deadline date. By setting the time before midnight, ordering will be marked as closed after the cutoff time and until the next order start date is available.