Managing Orders

Last updated 2 Mar 2018
The Order Index Screen

The order index screen is where you can view, search, and bulk edit all of your orders. All orders are organized by status by default, but you can filter them by any number of options.

Order Schedules

You have full control over when customers can place orders for a given pickup location by using schedules. Schedules consist of dates and each date will have an order start date, order end date, and pickup date. The duration between the order start and end dates is referred to as the "order window". A customer will only be able to order if the order window has not past.

Bulk Order Actions

You can perform a number of bulk actions on your orders. To perform a bulk action check the checkbox next to the orders you want to perform the action on, or select the top-most checkbox to select all. Once at least one order is selected you will see an actions toolbar appear.

Bulk Order Actions

Checking all orders only applies to the visible orders on the current page. If you have a lot of orders that span multiple pages you might need to repeat the operation for the other pages as well.

Printing Invoices & Packing Lists

You can print invoices, packing lists, and labels for multiple orders at one time.

  1. From the order index screen check all the orders you wish to print.
  2. Select Print from the bulk actions toolbar.
  3. Select the Printout type you want (Invoice, Packing List, etc.)
  4. A new window will open and the print dialog should automatically appear. 


You can also access these same printing options when editing an individual order.

Logging Changes to an Order

After an order is confirmed GrazeCart will keep a log when certain events occur to an order. These events include: adjusting product weights, adding or removing products, and adjusting the quantity of a product. As an admin you can then view the event log for each order to see what events occurred, who was responsible, and when it happened.


View the event log from each order's "Actions" menu.

Order Minimums

Any order minimums should be set up for each pickup location or delivery zone. This setting can be found under each location's Settings tab.