Customizing Your Theme

Last updated 25 Jul 2018
Customizing Your Theme

You have a number of options when customizing the look of your GrazeCart site. You can add your own branding by uploading your logo, change the colors, fonts, layout of your header, and more. 

To edit your Site theme go to My Site / Theme.

When customizing your site use the left-hand panel to view the various theme settings, such as your colors and logo, and for editing the different settings for each theme element. On the right is a live preview of your site so you can see all the changes in real time. Once you are satisfied with how things look, click the save button to make those changes live for your customers.

Using custom CSS

You can use your own CSS to edit nearly any aspect of your theme. This will you provide you with a finer level of editing than the theme editor can.

  1. From the Theme editor click to Custom CSS tab
  2. Enter your CSS then hit the "Save CSS" button near the bottom.
  3. Preview your changes and once you are satisfied hit the "Save" button at the top.

Targeting page elements

Every theme element will have a unique css class, and every page content block will have a unique ID. These are what you will use to target specific page elements with CSS.

Tip: You can use Chrome DevTools  to easily see what ID or classes belong to any page element.